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Top Three Reasons to Floss Daily

Posted on 8/13/2015 by Dr. Call
A man flossing his teeth.Since early childhood, the benefits of daily oral care were ground into the brains of every child. Clearly, it's an important issue. This not only includes brushing teeth with toothpaste, or even alternative methods such as oil pulling, but also flossing. While it may seem like it's unnecessary or a hassle, it proves to be very important to overall dental hygiene. Brushing alone cannot provide all the benefits that can be achieved with daily oral care. Flossing can improve your smile - boosting confidence, reducing the risk of oral complications, and helping you avoid large dental bills from expensive procedures that may be necessary due to poor dental health.

Everyone dreams of a pearly white smile (although the healthiest teeth aren't movie star white, and in fact have a bit of a tint to them), but very few people have teeth they're proud of. This can be due to staining, injury, and the absence of daily dental hygiene. While simple brushing will remove most of the plaque and stain-causing substances such as tobacco or coffee, dental floss can help remove as much as half of these tooth-harming substances, and can reduce the risk of diseases that affect enamel and dentin. Flossing can help you achieve a brighter smile with less discoloration, a smile you can be proud of and show off without any personal regret. Having a healthy smile can help you feel better about yourself and be happier in general.

Because flossing removes so much of the harmful substances in your mouth, with proper use it reduces the risk of cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. Gum disease is a risk factor for other serious issues such as diabetes and heart disease. With flossing, you're less likely to have these health complications and more likely to not only have better oral health, but have better overall health as well. It is important to floss and stay healthy in your life.

Additionally, the diseases and issues associated with plaque buildup make for very expensive bills. Many of these issues can be very costly. Treatments for gum disease consist of root planting, bone grafts, and bone surgery, among other expensive treatments. With daily flossing, you can avoid spending money to fix the many issues poor oral hygiene can cause.

Flossing has been ingrained into our minds for a very good reason: it's important to stay healthy and have pearly, clean teeth. So make sure you take care of yours by brushing, but also daily flossing to accompany it. The benefits will surely show on your face as well as in your body.

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