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Flossing Too Hard Can Lead to Sore Teeth
Hillsboro, OR

Posted on 11/20/2016 by Century Dental LLC
A Hillsboro man flossing his teeth happily
It cannot be said enough - flossing each and every single day is imperative to good oral health. Not just to your gums, but also to your teeth. However, if you floss wrong and actually cause inflammation to your gums by pushing the floss in too far or pushing too hard, you could wind up with not only sore gums, but also sore teeth.

When in doubt, talk with your dentist about how to properly floss. It could make your entire mouth feel better, and stay healthier.

Learning How to Floss Right Can Stop That from Happening

Flossing needs to be done carefully. The string used for floss can cut into tender tissue if you are not doing things carefully enough. When you go to floss, make sure you grab 18-24" of floss. Start at one end with a little wrapped around one finger, and the majority of it wrapped around a finger on the other hand. From there, you clean all four sides of each tooth.

Start in the back of your mouth, and work your way forward, using a new section of floss with each tooth. You want to make sure you get down to the gum line, but don't push down into your gum tissue. If you leave your gums inflamed after flossing, they are not going to be able to hold your teeth as tight, and could lead to soreness.

At Century Dental, our dentists will gladly show you how to floss properly during your next appointment. They can show you how much pressure you should be using, and how to glide the floss between tight teeth more easily. They can also give you insight as to which type of floss you should be using.

Contact our office today to make sure your flossing routine is not doing more harm than good.

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