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The Worst Foods for Sensitive Teeth

Posted on 1/11/2021 by Dr. Call
The Worst Foods for Sensitive TeethDo you ever feel a sharp, sudden pain when you drink something hot or eat something really cold, for instance?

If yes, it's a sign that you have sensitive teeth.

Millions of people experience this kind of pain when eating or drinking sugary, acidic, and sticky foods, which simply goes to suggest that there are some foods that you should completely avoid if you experience sensitivity in your teeth.

Take a look at some of the worst foods out there for sensitive teeth.


Needless to say, soda is really bad for your teeth anyway, not just for those with sensitive teeth. Sodas generally comprise of a lot of sugar and acid, and upon consumption, they can seriously irritate the exposed nerves in your teeth.

Ice Cream

It's not only the cold factor in ice creams that can trigger sensitive teeth, but also that they contain such large amounts of sugar!

People with sensitive teeth have a very weak enamel layer on their teeth, so when you eat something as cold and sugary as ice cream, the temperature can further aggravate your nerves.


From hard candies to gummies to sour candies, these sweet treats are absolutely destructive for sensitive teeth. Not only do they contain so much sugar, but some of them are so hard that they can greatly damage the outer surface of your teeth alongside increase tooth sensitivity.

Hot Coffee

We know there's no greater pleasure than sipping hot coffee on a cold morning, but when you have sensitive teeth, it's a really bad decision.

Hot foods, in general, cause your teeth to hurt, plus the sugar can seriously worsen the sensitivity. So, it's best to add milk to your coffee to lower its temperature and also to decrease the acidity.
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