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Ideal Oral Hygiene Practices

Posted on 6/6/2022 by Evan
Ideal Oral Hygiene PracticesMaintaining good oral hygiene is vital in achieving healthy teeth and an attractive smile. Some of the practices that are considered important in maintaining good oral health include brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing, and booking appointments with us for professional checkups.

Brushing teeth regularly

Brushing teeth helps you get rid of plaque, a thin film of bacteria that covers the surface of your teeth. Failure to remove plaque eventually leads to tooth decay.
The method used to brush teeth is also an essential factor to consider. It would be best to gently brush your teeth in circular motions, cleaning the teeth' inside, top, and surface. It should take about two to three minutes to clean your teeth properly. Brushing your teeth aggressively in a back and forth motion may cause injury to your gums.


Flossing enables you to get rid of food debris stuck between your teeth where your toothbrush can't reach. When flossing, you should make sure the thread runs the gum base between the teeth and then gently move it around your teeth. Roughly moving the thread up and down will only hurt your gums and fail to get the food debris out.

Avoiding sugary food

Ideal dental practices include avoiding excessive consumption of foods that contain too much sugar. Avoiding such foods is essential as the bacteria in plaque react with the sugar, which lingers on the teeth, to form acid, eroding the teeth and causing decay.

Regular Dental visits

We recommend visiting our offices at least once every six months for your dental hygiene maintenance. We will clean your teeth during these appointments, removing plaque and tartar that regular brushing cannot drag and checking for underlying issues. Check us out today for professional services.
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