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How to Prevent Erosion of Your Enamel

Posted on 7/20/2018 by Century Dental LLC
How to Prevent Erosion of Your EnamelThe enamel on your teeth is the hardest substance in your body. It protects the teeth from decay and other problems. It also erodes away over the course of your lifetime.

You cannot replace enamel. That is why you need to take a variety of steps to prevent the erosion that can happen. Taking a few steps can benefit your oral health for a long time.

Watch What Goes in the Mouth

Some of the biggest dangers to enamel come from the things that we eat and drink. There are many reasons to watch your diet, and protecting the enamel is on the list. Take the time to learn what can hurt and harm the enamel on your teeth.

•  Do drink - Water and Dairy. The water can help rinse away anything that causes the erosion of enamel. Dairy products can provide the body with calcium and phosphate, which can help build the enamel before it is lost.
•  Don't Drink - Soda and Acidic Drinks - Drinks that are high in sugar and citric acid can erode the enamel on the teeth. It is best to consume these types of beverages in moderation if at all. Alcohol is another drink to limit if you want to prevent enamel erosion. Alcohol and the things it is mixed with are high in sugar and acid.
•  Chew Gum - While gum does have sugar, which hurts enamel, it also causes you to generate more saliva which helps protect the enamel. Finding a balance for chewing gum is the key.

Habits to Follow

Paying attention to the food and drink that goes in your mouth is one way to prevent the erosion of enamel. Following a few good habits is another.

•  Brushing the Teeth - Everyone should realize the importance of brushing the teeth. We recommend at least twice a day with a good toothbrush. We also recommend waiting 30 minutes after eating before you brush. It is possible to use a toothpaste that can protect the enamel.
•  Brush Properly - The right toothpaste and toothbrush are important, but technique is also important. Brush your teeth gently. Harsh brushing can damage the enamel and the gums.
•  Go to the Dentist - Twice a year to get professional cleaning and a checkup.

These are things that will prevent the erosion of your enamel. They are not difficult and are something that everyone can do. It is never too late to start doing these things and they all can prevent the erosion of enamel.

If you have any questions about this or any other question about your oral health, contact the professionals at our offices today.
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