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Reasons a Root Canal is a Great Way to Save a Tooth

Posted on 9/13/2015 by Dr. Call
A woman in pain, because she needs a root canal.A cavity is a hole inside of your tooth that can grow deeper over time. Keeping that in mind, there are a few ways to repair tooth decay. At our dental office, we give our patients the best possible outcome to fulfill their dental needs. One of the best solutions that we suggest to our patients is a root canal. This procedure is used to replace the infected root of your tooth with a specific material designed to fill the hole and top it off with a crown.

So is a root canal better than a filling? Well, a root canal is suggested when the pulp of the tooth is heavily damaged. We would advise our patients to get a filling if the cavity is less severe. Our goal is to deliver the best service based on the patients' circumstances. We express to our patients the reasons why a root canal is a great way to save their tooth.

The Root Affect

In our business of saving teeth and smiles the root canal method is definitely a head liner choice. When your tooth is damaged due to it being infested by plaque or germs, it can cause a serious obstacle. This is where a root canal can be very beneficial in repairing the damage to your tooth. If you have swelling or toothaches, this procedure is something that you will want to consider. Preventing further eruptions that could spread if the deep hole in your tooth is left untreated is another reason why the root canal procedure is successful.

The root of the nerve being exposed is painful beyond soothing in most cases. Having a great option presented that can take away the pain is a comforting thought. Cracked teeth replacement won't be the only benefit to this surgery. Patients will have a chance of keeping their teeth rather than losing them with this preferred choice.

Another thing to think about is preventing your teeth from shifting if you opt out of root canal surgery and decide to extract the tooth. By not replacing the tooth it could cause this type of change which could reflect how you chew your food. A deeper result could also affect your jaw line. With the help of our dental services, all of these potential or current causes can be avoided and resolved.

Pulp Nonfiction
The pulp of your tooth makes up the connective tissue that contains nerves. When the nerves and pulp have been damaged we have to remove the pulp in the interest of getting rid of the infection. Having a root canal therapy session with us can restore your tooth to a healthy state. We are trained professionals that have plenty of experience in the root canal field.

Our assistance goes beyond the repair of a few teeth. We educate our patients on preventable measures to promote better oral health care. Allow us to assist you with your dental queries. Our staff is very skilled at making what some may consider to be a painful process into a smooth transition. Let us take care of your tooth decay or infection that resides inside of your mouth due to poor oral hygiene.

A few visits with us and we will give you back your smile better than before. When you have a tooth problem that needs to be resolved or just want to have a consultation about your teeth, think of us. After all, we are the tooth experts that are here to serve you one pulp at a time.

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