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Dental Cleanings
Blonde woman smiling after getting a dental cleaning atCentury Dental in Hillsboro, OR A lot of people are not a fan of teeth cleaning sessions. The apprehension isn’t entirely unjustified given dental cleanings may involve some prodding, occasional slight discomfort, and strange noises. However, teeth cleanings are mostly a painless, simple, and immensely beneficial process and thus you have no reason to be concerned. At Century Dental, we will help you maintain optimal oral health.

Do You Really Need Routine Dental Cleanings?

Routine dental cleanings are essential for your oral health. This is because cleanings can help prevent severe oral health issues like dental cavities and gum disease that can lead to tooth loss. Therefore, knowledge about dental cleanings is essential if you’re to maintain optimal oral health.

What is a Dental Cleaning?

Dental cleanings, primarily, entail the removal of tartar and plaque that’s accumulated on your teeth as well as under the gum line. Dental cleaning, therefore, reduces the likelihood of gum disease, cavities, and tooth loss. Besides, it ensures your dental hygienist and dentist get to assess your oral health and look for signs of oral health issues, like tooth decay and oral cancer. Tartar and plaque can accumulate even if you brush and floss your teeth regularly. Routine brushing slows downs the rate of accumulation but doesn’t eliminate it completely. Plaque is a soft and sticky film, while tartar refers to hard deposits of calcium that accumulate over time. Tartar, in most cases, shares the same color with your teeth and thus you can hardly notice it. But, in some cases, it’s black or brown. If the tartar buildup is not removed, your teeth will be susceptible to bacterial growth. By getting your teeth cleaned by a professional, you’ll ensure that they remain smooth and clean, making it hard for bacteria to stick on them.

How Long Does a Dental Cleaning Procedure Last?

The duration of a dental cleaning procedure varies based on the condition of your gums and teeth. But the procedure typically takes, at most, an hour. The duration of your appointment will also be affected by many other factors, like the level of scaling that’s required. Your dentist as well as your dental hygienist is involved in the teeth cleaning process. Your hygienist will do all required assessments and provide the dentist with that information. Your dentist will assess your teeth, gums, and existing restorations, and examine the hygienist’s findings.

How Often Should You Have a Dental Cleaning?

How frequently you should schedule your dental cleaning procedures should hinge on your particular circumstances. You should talk to your dentist about this. However, for the best oral health, dentists commonly recommend two dental cleanings yearly. Your dentist may recommend shorter intervals if you have certain oral health issues. According to the American Dental Association, your dentist should determine the frequency of your dental cleaning sessions. A study published in the Journal of Dental Research reveals that high-risk patients can benefit from more frequent dental cleaning procedures compared to patients who are low-risk.

What Does a Dental Cleaning Procedure Entail?

Before a hygienist starts to clean the tartar and plaque buildup, they thoroughly examine your mouth as well as the surrounding areas on your neck and face. The procedure also entails taking your pulse, respiration, temperature, and blood pressure, and an assessment of your health, dental, and social history, dental screenings, and oral cancer screenings. In some cases, x-rays may be taken to help identify any abnormalities that require a referral to specialists or treatment. Your dentist will use this assessment data to make a diagnosis. Then, they’ll create a treatment plan that addresses your unique needs. The likelihood of radiographs and x-rays being required hinges on a few important factors like your current oral health, signs of oral disease, age, and risk for disease. The cleaning will begin once the assessments are complete. Your dental hygienist will use a process referred to as scaling to remove calculus and plaque from your teeth. Scaling is done either using power-driven scalers or manually. Your hygienist will then polish your teeth using an abrasive paste to remove the remaining stains and plaque. The polishing will be followed by flossing to remove any paste that may be stuck between your teeth. If necessary, your appointment will end with a fluoride treatment which will help prevent cavities.

What Follows After a Dental Cleaning?

Your teeth will be smooth and clean. Your dental hygienist will provide you with information on what to do after your appointment. This may include guidance on smoking and nutrition and instructions on the right flossing and brushing methods. After your appointment, you should ask your hygienist how long you need to wait before you drink or eat. You should also find out when you should schedule the next cleaning appointment or a visit to a specialist.

Benefits of Dental Cleanings

Dental cleaning helps maintain your oral health and prevent oral diseases. A cleaning also ensures oral infections are caught early. If you do not get a regular dental cleaning, you risk oral conditions like gum disease and cavities. Besides, your systemic health is strongly linked to your oral health. Periodontal disease, for instance, is linked to some health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Oral cancers are much more treatable if caught early and thus routine cancer screenings done during dental cleanings are essential.

Possible Risks of Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings are generally painless. The process can, however, be a little more uncomfortable if the plaque and tartar have accumulated significantly, making it harder for your hygienist to remove them. Once your hygienist has removed hardened tartar, the following cleanings will be more comfortable and will take less time.

Call Century Dental at (971) 708-1608 today to schedule your next dental cleaning.

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