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How Much Toothpaste Should You Use Each Day?

Posted on 5/10/2019 by Dr. Call
How Much Toothpaste Should You Use Each Day?So what kind of toothpaste user are you? Are you an over user or an under user? Over users of toothpaste are just as bad as those pesky under users. Are you tempted to fill each toothbrush with a heap of toothpaste, or do you barely graze the toothpaste across the brush.

As you'll read below, neither one of those is good. Not sure what the right amount of toothpaste is for you? Keep reading for healthy toothpaste amounts for adult teeth.

How Much Toothpaste Do I Need?

Adults who have healthy mouths with no dental issues can use ½ a toothbrush full of toothpaste to give your mouth the cleaning tools it needs with the help of your toothbrush. Adults who use too much toothpaste will most likely not brush for as long as you need to- which is approximately two minutes per brushing time.

That's because too much toothpaste leads to excess foam in your mouth, which means that you're going to rinse out before you're supposed to.

You may need less on your toothbrush if you already have problems with your teeth. For example, if you are already having gum problems, such as receding gums, or gum disease, you need less toothpaste. You may also want to use less toothpaste if you have tooth roots that are already exposed, because the abrasiveness of toothpaste (usually a good thing) will further aggravate them.

Adults with canker sores not only need to use less toothpaste, but they also need to look for toothpaste without sodium lauryl sulfate in it. That chemical has been shown to cause canker sores in people who are prone to get them, and it also makes existing canker sores worse.

Just because we're talking about using less toothpaste doesn't mean you shouldn't use any toothpaste at all. Not using toothpaste can mean you are risking gum disease. This is because you are brushing your teeth, but you are really not cleaning your teeth if you don't use toothpaste.

Not sure how much toothpaste is right for you? Please give us a call and let us make you an appointment to discuss your dental health.
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