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Call Us When You Notice Wisdom Teeth Beginning to Erupting

Posted on 11/16/2020 by Dr. Call
Call Us When You Notice Wisdom Teeth Beginning to EruptingThe eruption of the wisdom teeth can be very irritating and painful. While this eruption occurs in adulthood, the news about their eruption is likely to attract sympathy from other people. The eruption of these teeth comes with some side effects such as pain, infection, gum disease and cyst. In other cases, these signs could be an indication of impacted wisdom teeth that requires extraction. Call us once you get some warning signs, and we will be on your case to address the underlying problem to relieve you the pain and distress.

Erupting Wisdom Teeth

During wisdom teeth eruption, you will experience pain, swelling and significant bleeding as the teeth come out. Since the mouth does not have enough space to hold the erupting wisdom teeth, they will grow in a misaligned position and can press on your nerves or crowd surrounding teeth. This will affect your smile, thus, the reason why it is necessary to remove wisdom teeth. Also, during this eruption, the cut may provide an entry space for bacteria, which causes infection. Bad breath even after brushing teeth will indicate this infection.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The eruption of wisdom teeth is painful, but you do not have to suffer. If you experience sharp pain and headaches, it could be a sign that your wisdom teeth are about to erupt, and you should call us. Also, if you experience pain and your wisdom teeth are not coming out, it could be a case of impacted wisdom teeth. This happens when the jawbone traps your wisdom teeth under the gum, blocking their eruption. However, the roots continue to grow, making the pain even worse. Impacted teeth cause the greatest discomfort, and if not removed, can cause cysts and gum disease. Therefore, if you want to protect your smile and prevent infections do not hesitate to call us once you notice your wisdom teeth beginning to erupt.
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