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The Top Reasons Your Teeth Get Stained

Posted on 9/23/2016 by Century Dental LLC
A patient's teeth before, and after a whitening treatment.Everyone knows that the best way to combat a problem is to prevent it from happening to begin with, right? So why not take that approach with your smile, why wait until your teeth are dark and dingy before you do something about it?

It helps to know a thing or two about what causes teeth to be stained in the first place. There are some foods and drinks out there that you can avoid or limit your exposure to, which will help the chances of your teeth remaining pearly white.

The Big Offenders

It's easy to remember what stains teeth because it is always the stuff that stains everything easily. Pasta sauce is a big offender because it's highly acidic and is bright red in color.

Curry is a spice that works really well to give Indian foods and exotic dishes that zing that you are looking for in a delicious meal. Unfortunately, curry also gives a bit of zing to your teeth in the form of its deep yellow pigmentation.

There is a long list of particularly potent beverages that are great at staining teeth. Wine is high in acid content and often very deep in hue can visibly stain teeth in one day!

Coffee is also a big offender in this area, and tea is right up there as well. Really, if a drink is acidic or particularly sugary, and has an intense coloration it's probably safe to assume that it will be able to stain your teeth.

The Long Term Solution

The best way to prevent staining on your teeth is to avoid or limit exposure to substances that can stain then or erode enamel. Depending on your teeth, you will probably experience some dulling as the enamel wears off of them and as wear and tear breaks them down over time.

The best whitening solution is provided right here at our office, and allows you to control how white your teeth become in just under an hour!

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