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How Dental Chips That Go Untreated Lead to Bigger Problems

Posted on 7/26/2021 by Dr. Call
How Dental Chips That Go Untreated Lead to Bigger ProblemsIn case you chip your tooth when chewing on hard food items or playing sports, it is important to come to our offices for treatment immediately. Some people think that dental chips are not a big deal, which is not the case. If left untreated, dental chips can lead to various dental problems. Some of the problems you might experience due to an untreated dental chip include pain and sensitivity, tooth infections, and further tooth breakage.

Pain and Sensitivity

Dental chips can be very painful and uncomfortable. They might also affect your sensitivity levels. You might develop dental chips due to a cavity, meaning your tooth is damaged and in a weak state. When any level of pressure is put on that tooth, it will cause immense pain. Exposure to warm and cold temperatures will also cause discomfort. If you have this condition, you will find challenges eating ice or drinking coffee due to your tooth's state.

Tooth Infection

Dental chips can also lead to infections. When a tooth is severely chipped, it will expose the underlying tissues like the dentin. This makes it highly susceptible to cavities and other infections. Going longer without medication will lead to nerve damage and the potential formation of an abscess. When the infection reaches such levels, it is dangerous not to your oral health but also to the rest of your body.

Further Breakage

When a tooth is chipped, its stability is compromised. It will have a weaker structure that can easily break when exposed to any levels of pressure. By simply chewing on certain foods, your tooth could break further. This is why you need to come in for immediate treatment when you have a dental chip. Immediate care will help fix the problem before the breakage spreads to other parts of your tooth. Visit our offices for more information on the risks of not treating a dental chip.
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