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When tooth loss becomes an issue, quality of life is often negatively affected. At Century Dental in Hillsboro, we understand how hard it can be to go without a tooth, let alone all of your teeth. You shouldn't have to worry about what kind of foods you can eat without pain. Consider a set of full or partial dentures to help you with lost teeth. We will craft you a set of dentures that will give you the confidence you need to smile again.

Partial Dentures

Often called “partials”, this kind of denture is used to fill a gap in only a few teeth.

Partial dentures are almost always removable and are held in place by wires and clasps that are made to anchor the partial to your natural teeth. Because they are anchored to your natural teeth, they are a very sturdy tooth replacement solution.

Partial dentures restore your ability to eat most foods without discomfort and give you back the aesthetic of your natural teeth.

Full Dentures

The prospect of losing all your teeth can be daunting. Full dentures allow us to replace every tooth in your mouth. Often, patients who are opting to receive full dentures will have one or two of their natural teeth remaining. To have full dentures placed we will remove any existing natural teeth.

Full dentures are a removable prosthesis made of white plastic teeth and pink colored gums that are made to look like your real gums. Full dentures are not as sturdy as partial dentures because they are not attached to anything sturdy (like natural teeth) within your mouth. Instead, full dentures are held in place using denture sealant.

Denture Care

All dentures should be removed at night to sleep, and you must take special care while cleaning and storing them. Almost all dentures are temperature sensitive, so if they are left in a hot environment (like a hot car), they can warp.

Dentures need to be stored in a glass of water or denture soaking solution that acts to clean them and keep them moist.

When cleaning dentures, always use a denture brush and not a toothbrush as toothbrushes can scratch the soft plastic of dentures and damage them permanently. Denture brushes are much softer that toothbrushes and can be found in oral hygiene aisle right alongside regular toothbrushes.

Why replace missing teeth?

When teeth go missing a cascade of negative effects usually follow. Teeth depend on the support from neighboring teeth to stay in the right spot in your mouth. When a tooth is lost the teeth on either side of the missing tooth are free to roam into the gap left behind. This shift in teeth placement can have a dramatic effect on how your bite fits together.

Consider how your teeth fit together; each one of them must fall into place perfectly with the teeth on the opposing jaw to fit together properly. If they don't fit together just right, they can chip and crack, even cause severe pain in your jaw.

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