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Dental Trauma
Hillsboro, OR

A photo of a woman at the dentist at Century Dental in Hillsboro, ORAny form of trauma can be alarming to patients but especially so when it happens to their mouth. Broken teeth and damage to soft tissues can all impact the way we look. The stigma attached to having a poor smile is still quite significant and most people become self-conscious when dealing with dental trauma. They are worried their teeth will never look the way they did prior to the injury. Rest assured, at Century Dental we can assess and treat any dental trauma. Come in today for a full evaluation to determine the best course of treatment.

Dental Trauma Description

The definition of a dental trauma is when one or more sections of the oral cavity suffer an injury. This might be damage to the teeth, tooth socket, upper or lower jaw, tongue, interior cheek, or gum tissue. In most cases, patients do a self-examination to assess the damage and may note abrasions or cuts to the gums or interior soft tissues of the mouth. In some cases, injuries to teeth can be so severe that the interior tooth pulp can be exposed, or the entire tooth can be missing.

Symptoms of Dental Trauma

Obviously, when the injury is severe enough, there is outward, physical damage to teeth, and the trauma is pretty apparent. For those teeth which have been chipped or cracked it is rather evident a trauma has occurred. Patients might feel a sharp edge with their tongue along the broken section or along a fracture in the tooth. There may be blood associated with the injury as well, which also makes it obvious an injury has happened. While the obvious symptoms are generally easy to spot there can be other damage which is not so noticeable. This may be damage to the jaw or the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) which can impact the chewing motion for patients. With the change in their bite, their teeth can become misaligned and alter the chewing surfaces of their teeth. All of these can lead to more complicated issues.

Treating Dental Trauma

Treatment of dental trauma can in some cases cause as much anxiety as the injury itself. It is important to not wait when suffering from a trauma. Early intervention and treatment can ensure nothing else is damaged. Typically, our initial assessment can involve x-rays to assess the full extent of the damage. We will prescribe antibiotics in order to diminish the chances of infection. When trauma happens and tissue is exposed that normally is not, the chance for infection can be quite high. Antibiotics can help with that. While some trauma is easy to see, there is potential for underlying damage to the bone structure which is not something that can easily be identified. Why take a chance with your oral health? Come in to see us today so our professional team can work up a full assessment. We can assess the full extent of the damage and discuss the treatment plan to ensure you understand everything that will be done. We are located at Century Dental and can be reached by phone at (971) 708-1608. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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Dental Trauma Century Dental | dentist Hillsboro, OR
Rest assured, at Century Dental we can assess and treat any dental trauma. We are located in Hillsboro, OR, call today to schedule an appointment!
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