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When it comes to having an appearance you love, many people tend to overlook the impact that their smile can have. We take our smiles for granted far too often, especially when it comes to just how dramatically they can change our confidence. The fact of the matter is that sometimes it is not enough to simply have healthy teeth – sometimes we want to have teeth that look great and make us feel good when we look into a mirror. If you are struggling with this issue, torture yourself no longer! At Century Dental, we understand how to make your smile meet your expectations. We believe that every deserves to be happy with what they see in the mirror. That’s why we are proud to offer a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry services to our clients.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Dentistry in general is concerned with your teeth and your oral health, right? Modern dentistry mostly focuses on how to keep your teeth functional and in your mouth. One aspect that many people tend to overlook, however, are the benefits that cosmetic dentistry can bring patients. Cosmetic dentistry is dentistry that is concerned more with the appearance of your teeth than their health. That is not to say that cosmetic dentists don’t care whether or not you are taking care of your teeth at all, especially since failing to take adequate care of them can ruin any cosmetic effects that you are granted. In general, however, cosmetic dentistry is more concerned with how your teeth look.

What can cosmetic dentistry do?

When you find the right cosmetic dentist for your needs, you can change almost anything about your smile. If you would like your teeth to be more uniform, for example, or longer, or brighter, or even something else entirely, there are options that can help you achieve your goal. Cosmetic dentistry is interested in taking your current smile and enhancing it into the smile that you would prefer to have. Things like porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and Invisalign trays, for example, are all areas of cosmetic dentistry.

Do I need cosmetic dentistry?

The answer this question is genuinely entirely up to you. Are you happy with your smile? If so, then cosmetic dentistry is probably not something you need to invest in. If you are not, however, then cosmetic dentistry can help you find your perfect smile. In fact, we can work with you to carefully shape each and every tooth, especially if you would like to opt for something like porcelain veneers. These permanent dental devices are bonded onto your teeth after you decide what kind of look you are going for.

How long does cosmetic dentistry last?

Procedures conducted in cosmetic dentistry can last for years – for decades, in fact. This is especially true if you take care of your teeth and clean them often.
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