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Signs You Need a Replacement Filling

Posted on 6/10/2018 by Century Dental LLC
Dental Filling Century Dental OR 97123-6753Are you having sensitivity to hot or cold food? Or perhaps you feel pain or discomfort when you bite into cold or hot foods? You can even feel like you have a hole on the top of your molar but have no pain. These may all be signs you need a replacement filling.

How Long Do Dental Fillings Last?

With proper oral care at home and regular visits to the dentist's office, your dental fillings will last you for a very long time. In general, amalgam fillings can last up to 15 years, compared to the composite fillings. Amalgam is a more durable material that can tolerate chewing and works well with cavities are larger.

Do I Need A Replacement Filling?

If your old filling is loose or missing, it may be time for a replacement. If you have pain due to sensitivity it may also be a sign that something is wrong with the filling, especially if you've had it for a while. If you bite into something hard, the filling could dislodge, and you will have to come into the office.

How Bad is the Pain When a Replacement Filling is Needed?

As with anything else, the pain depends on the patient and the condition of the tooth. Some people have missing fillings and have no pain at all, while others feel throbbing or shooting pain in the area.

What Can I Take for Pain?
Applying ice to the face in the area where the filling is damaged or missing, can help with the pain, until you can see the dentist. Taking over-the-counter medications can also control inflammation and pain.

If you suspect that you see signs you need a replacement filling, please don't hesitate to call the office so we can get you in and you can feel better.
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