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How Your Dentist Can Tell You Need a Graft

Posted on 3/20/2018 by Century Dental LLC
Gum Graft Century Dental OR 97123-6753Loss of teeth due to decay, extraction, or an accident, can lead to loss of the jawbone. It is estimated that you stand to lose a quarter of the bone density one year after an extraction. Without the right thickness and height of the underlying bone, it is impossible to place dental implants.

Bone grafting is a process that can be used to stimulate the underlying gum and eventually restore the jawbone. We apply the latest procedures that minimize healing time. There are several ways our dentists can determine if you need a bone graft.

Assessing Your Gum Health

Your dental health will need to be assessed to determine if you need a bone graft. One of the common factors that causes the bone to resorb is due to tooth loss caused by gum disease. Misaligned teeth are set in such a way that they do not stimulate the jawbone enough, causing it to reabsorb which in turn leads to a bone loss issue that may need to be treated.

Our dentist will need to determine the cause of the bone loss, so that the issue can be addressed exhaustively. Gum disease or misaligned teeth if left untreated, can cause further atrophy.

A bone graft is often recommended for patients who want to get an implant. To place an implant on your gums you will need to have at least 6mm of bone. Placing the implant while the patient does not have enough bone will almost always result in a repeat of the procedure.

Our dentists can use tools such as the periodontal probe to determine the extent of bone loss by examining the depth of the pockets between teeth and gums. Depending on the extent of bone loss, grafting can be done at the same time the dental implant is placed.

This reduces the number of visits the patient has to make. We are dentists that offer dental implant, bone grafting, as well as a number of other dental procedures. Call us today, if you have any questions or queries.

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