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What to Do If You Notice a Lump On Your Gums

Posted on 10/13/2016 by Century Dental LLC
A woman performing a self-examination of her gums.
Normally your gums are smooth and firm. If you find an abnormality, such as a lump or a wound that will not heal, it might be indicative of bigger problems. Here's what you should do.

Go in and see your dentist right away. First and foremost, you need to make an appointment so they can take a look at it. While it may be nothing to cause concern, it's better to have a dental professional take a look at it just to be sure. They know what to look for in order to determine what it might be, and they can tell you what kind of testing (if any) is going to be necessary.

Don't panic. If you don't know what is causing a lump, it can be very easy to become distraught and agonize over all the possibilities. Don't do this: it won't help at all, and the added stress can cause other issues.

Remember there can be any number of causes for a lump in your gum tissue, ranging from a hormonal imbalance to a bacterial infection to a cyst to some forms of cancer. Most of these are easily treated, and even in the case of the worst outcome such as cancer, the good news is that your dentist can render the best treatment and oral cancer is highly responsive to treatment (meaning that you should be just fine, so long as you go in to see your dentist right away).

It can be frightening to discover something on your body that should not be there, but your dentist is here to help you. They are up to date on the latest in diagnosis and treatment of all the above issues, and they are ready to help you get back to feeling your best. Contact our office today!

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