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How To Pick The Right Kind Of Mouthwash

Posted on 7/28/2015 by Dr. Call
A man washing his mouth with mouthwash.Your dental health is important to you, and that's why you want the very best products to make it into your dental care routine. While you may have already found the best toothpaste or toothbrush, you may still be struggling to complete your dental care routine with a high-quality and enjoyable mouthwash.

While brushing your teeth and flossing can be more vital to your dental care routine, using mouthwash can be important as well. Using any type of mouthwash can help prevent periodontal disease and can reduce the quality and quantity of the bacteria that are usually present in your mouth. Not only that, but it can make the mouth feel fresher and smell better - especially after fragrant meals. Most dentists recommend a mouthwash as the final step in your mouth care routine; that is, it's to be done after flossing and brushing.

Using your mouthwash should be a pleasant and cleansing experience, so feel free to experiment with choices until that becomes the truth. Especially when it comes to kids or teenagers who may try to skip the mouthwash process unless it's a good experience, you need to find something that cleanses well while still providing a good experience every morning and night.

Selecting the best mouthwash for your needs doesn't have to be difficult, but with all of the selections available in your local grocery store, you might be wondering what things you should be looking for when you're trying to find the best mouthwash for your needs. Luckily, if you just understand a few basic differences between mouthwashes, you'll be set on your journey of finding the best one for you:

Flavor: The most important aspect of mouthwash for most people will be the flavor. Mint tends to be the overpowering favorite flavor, you'll see as you walk down the mouthwash aisle, but even the mint intensity will vary between manufacturers. Non-mint purists may need to look a bit harder to find a flavor that works for them, but especially online, it's possible to find non-mint mouthwashes. It just may take a bit more of a search than for your mint-loving counterparts.

Look for Dental Approval: The American Dental Association approves mouthwashes that meet their list of standard criteria. In order to be approved, a manufacturer must submit scientific evidence that their wash is safe and effective. It also must submit evidence that substantiates any claims that are made on the packaging. For your peace of mind, you may wish to choose a wash that includes the ADA approval.

Alcohol: Some mouthwashes contain alcohol. While alcohol can help lengthen the shelf life of the flavor in your wash, it also can dry out some people's mouths. However, not all people are affected by dry mouth, so it may be a question to ask your dentist at your next visit.

Fluoride: Fluoride is a necessary part of living a healthier life, but most cities have already added fluoride into your water supply. However, if you don't drink a lot of tap water, having an additional rinse of fluoride may be useful. Daily fluoride rinses are also a good idea for people who are prone to cavities for an extra layer of protection.

While these tips will get you started on the right foot, it may take you a bit to find a mouthwash that you truly fall in love with. Don't give up! If possible, try to find small, trial-size bottles of various mouthwashes in order to experiment with new types without being locked into using an entire full-size bottle. If you find yourself at an impasse, you may want to consult your dentist for opinions on your unique dental situation. Dentists are always happy to recommend items that work well for any particular concerns you may have.

Take your newfound knowledge into the dental care aisle and find the best mouthwash that's going to streamline your tooth brushing routine.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your mouthwash.
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